Carrie’s Conservatory

Carrie's Conservatory Cocktail Menu

Carrie’s Conservatory in Alpharetta, Georgia is a an open air bar featuring talented mixologist featuring cocktails made with local spirits. Light fare and drinks may be enjoyed in terraced ambience. According to Street Insider, Carrie’s Conservatory will feature a Parisian atmosphere with wine and live music under the stars.

Carrie’s Conservatory is a unique destination that offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the gardens, as well as the delicious food and drink available at the Chocolate Café and Tea Room. The Chocolate Café features fresh, handmade chocolate truffles and pastries, while the Tea Room offers an assortment of teas, sandwiches, and scones. In addition, Carrie’s Conservatory is also home to a variety of birds, butterflies, and other animals, making it a perfect place to explore nature. whether you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy a cup of tea or an exciting day filled with exploring new things, Carrie’s Conservatory is sure to have something for everyone.

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